Acinual D

Acinual D

Alu Alu Strip Containing 10 Dispersible Tablets
  • Each Dispersible Tablet contains:
  • Trypsin BP 48mg
  • Bromelain 90mg
  • Rutoside Trihydrate BP 100mg
  • Diclofenac IP 50mg

Trypsin 48mg + Bromelain 90mg + Rutoside Trihydrate 100mg + Diclofenac 50mg Dispersible Tablets

Acinual D tablets contain a combination of two proteolytic enzymes Trypsin, Bromelain together with flavonoid Rutoside Trihydrate and one NSAID Diclofenac. This combination has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous properties.

Trypsin: Trypsin is a proteolytic enzyme, important for the digestion of proteins. Taken orally it helps as digestive enzyme supplement to remove dead tissue cells that remain after trauma, infection, surgery. This removal helps new skin or tissue to grow.

Bromelain: Bromelain is a cysteine protease enzyme, breaks down plasma proteins that have exuded into the extra vascular tissue, thus exerting anti-edema action. Bromelain reduces level of prostaglandin, bradykinin & pro inflammatory cytokines which manifest its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect & speed up wound healing process.

Rutoside Trihydrate: Also called as Rutin, as an antioxidant. Rutin shows anti-inflammatory activity by restoring the permeability of vascular walls.

Diclofenac: A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) taken or applied to reduce inflammation and as an analgesic reducing pain in certain conditions. It is a cytokine inhibitor. It blocks the action of cyclooxygenase which is involved in the production of prostaglandins (chemicals in the body) which cause pain, swelling and inflammation. Diclofenac is used to treat pain & inflammatory disorders.

  • Dosage
  • Indications
  • Contraindication
  • Side-effects
  • Precautions
  • Storage

One Tablets BID. Disperse the tablet in a tablespoon of water (15ml). After administration drink ample amount of water.

Pain associated oedema & inflammatory conditions like post-operative & traumatic origin & rheumatic & degenerative conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, Sprains, Strain and Sport Injury, Low back pain, and Spondylopathies.

It may not be recommended to consume Acinual D Tablet if you have the following diseases, medical or physical conditions:

  • Allergic to it or its ingredients
  • Allergic to pineapple, latex, wheat, celery, carrot, fennel, cypress pollen, or grass pollen
  • Breastfeeding Children

Some of the side-effects may be very rare or not found if the salt or molecule is in trace amounts. Not every side effect occurs in every person. Please consult your doctor if you observe any of these side effects even in mild form:

  • Allergic reactions especially in people who have other allergies
  • Burning sensation
  • Constipation

Store medicines at room temperature, away from heat and direct light. Do not freeze.

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